The Cognitive Abilities Profile Training Course will introduce psychologists and teachers to a novel assessment tool called the Cognitive Abilities Profile (CAP). The CAP is a versatile tool for gathering information, summarising and analysing data, monitoring progress, identifying next steps of learning, and helping to generate hypotheses about a pupil’s difficulties. The CAP is a detailed and refined interview schedule and structured data collection tool. It is not a psychometric test with norms. The assessment tool will primarily be used by educational psychologists working alongside experienced teachers of children with special educational needs. The Cognitive Abilities Profile is based on the psychology underpinning dynamic assessment and metacognitive approaches to teaching and learning.


Training in the CAP: Who, what, when and where?
CAP preliminary research together with more than 10 years of CAP teaching, practice and feedback from CAP users , has demonstrated that although CAP needs less training than for DA, it is nevertheless important to have basic training and ongoing support in its use. It was shown in early CAP trials (Deutsch and Mohammed, 2008), that one day training in the CAP was generally considered too little to enable confident practice.
The CAP is available for purchase from its publishers, the REAL GROUP, without a prior training requirement. However, most people who purchase the CAP materials go on to take the training course and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive that the training, makes a big difference to future confident practice. The CAP courses will now be delivered as a series of four webinars with follow up support upon request.
CAP is currently being used in many countries around the world. 
Who can benefit from CAP training?

Professionals who have the role or opportunity to facilitate consultation around a client’s needs. That’s a broad statement. But the CAP is designed to be flexible and to be used in different settings, not limited to in-school use. Typically (but not exclusively) psychologists, therapists, SENCO’s specialist teachers, are some of the more obvious groups of professionals who are in a position to conduct skilled consultation as part of their work.

Who is the CAP client?

More than one person – more than one role. The CAP supports teachers, parents, therapists, learning-support assistants (LSA’s), caregivers, etc. The end client of course is the child, adolescent or adult for whom the CAP is being used.

How do I find a CAP training course?

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