What could the cost saving benefits be for the Local Authority by me attending the CAP training?

The CAP supports EPs working with teachers to dynamically assess a learner within a consultation session. This may increase the number of consultation sessions required with a teacher but will reduce the number of direct EP assessment sessions with a child. The potential savings for a Local Authority in skilling up classroom teachers to analyse the components of tasks that create difficulties for an individual learner, will lead to teachers having increased skills in assessment for learning. Enabling teachers to make an assessment of the adaptations required in the task and the environment to enable children to be successful in their learning, will further develop inclusive classroom teaching to meet the needs of all learners.

Can you provide training to educational, clinical and other psychological services?

Yes – we have successfully run courses across the UK and overseas for diverse professional groups. Register your interest here!

Could the CAP be used as part of statutory assessment?

Yes, the CAP aims to support the ongoing analysis of a child’s strengths and difficulties in the classroom environment across various stages of the Code of Practice. Another way in which the CAP can be used is to analyse and synthesise the results of various forms of assessment including the outcomes of dynamic and/or standardised testing. The CAP can also be used to combine evidence from a variety of sources including the input of parents and other professionals such as Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists and therefore enables triangulation of evidence contributing to evidence based assessment and recommendations as part of a statutory assessment. In this way, it helps to identify areas of thinking to target in any future statement or learning plan.

Can I or my service access mentoring and support for using the CAP?

Yes – whether you purchase the CAP first or take the CAP training course first, you are welcome to access support in using the CAP tool. See What happens after the CAP.

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