What is Bright Start?

Bright Start is a structured cognitive developmental programme for early years education. Cognitive education refers to the systematic attempt to teach basic processes of thought, perception, learning and problem solving. When children are not successful learners, they may lack the cognitive skills needed for social and academic learning. The Bright Start programme was developed to help children become more effective learners by directly targeting the cognitive processes that underlie foundational learning, social and communication skills.

What are the goals of Bright Start?

  • Identify children’s cognitive challenges at an early stage
  • Enhance basic cognitive functions
  • Develop representational and symbolic thought: the ability to use codes and symbols to support numeracy and literacy
  • Establish task-intrinsic motivation: internal versus external, reward-driven motivation
  • Improve educational and social school readiness
  • Enable mainstreaming and inclusion
  • Strengthen academic results through a complementary programme for pupils at different levels

Can I become a Bright Start practitioner?

Are you a teacher, a therapist, a psychologist, a parent or carer? You may be involved with research, a programme, or be an agency director. Do you work with or consult to others who work with young children or older pupils whose developmental level may be at an earlier stage of learning? Bright Start training equips you with new skills and tools together with the awareness and confidence to apply these in an educational, consultative or home setting.

  • Educators in mainstream inclusive settings, early years and beyond
  • Special school staff, therapists and psychologists
  • Parents, family members and other caregivers

Discover Bright Start Modular Training

If any of this describes you, there is now a structured, in-depth training programme to take you from Bright Start basics to advanced level practice. Read more about Bright Start Training and the Bright Start Virtual Campus, or contact us directly with your questions.

For more information and to book onto a course please visit: https://coged.net/