Cognitive Abilities Profile Training Course

The Cognitive Abilities Profile Training Course will introduce psychologists and teachers to a new assessment tool called the Cognitive Abilities Profile (CAP). The CAP is a versatile tool for gathering information, summarising and analysing data, monitoring progress, identifying next steps of learning, and helping to generate hypotheses about a pupil’s difficulties. The CAP is a detailed and refined interview schedule and structured data collection tool. It is not a psychometric test with norms. The assessment tool will primarily be used by educational psychologists working alongside experienced teachers of children with special educational needs. The Cognitive Abilities Profile is based on the psychology underpinning dynamic assessment and metacognitive approaches to teaching and learning.

Upcoming CAP Courses…

The next Cognitive Abilities Profile Training Course will place in London, on 15-16 May. The exact venue is to be confirmed.

Bespoke CAP Courses

We now deliver bespoke courses for teams across the UK. There are also bespoke courses being run internationally. Contact us for a quote. We currently have no plans to put on a centrally run course for individuals.

Please contact us to register your interest for future CAP face-to-face courses.

Please note that everyone attending the training course requires access to the CAP Guidance Manual, Summary Forms and Record Forms (£245 + VAT). It is beneficial for you to familiarise yourself with the manual before attendance.

By the end of a typical bespoke course participants will:

  • Be able to use the CAP to help teachers, parents and others understand the learner’s needs
  • Be able to develop recommendations leading to an Intervention Plan
  • Understand how to use the profile to systematically review progress.

For more information:

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