About Ruth Deutsch and Michelle Mohammed

Ruth Deutsch is the author of the Cognitive Abilities Profile and is recognised as the leading UK trainer in dynamic assessment and cognitive education programmes. Ruth was trained and worked as a child psychologist in the USA and Canada and studied extensively with Reuven Feuerstein (Israel) and Carl Haywood (USA). Back in the UK, Ruth Deutsch worked in an SEN Support Unit and a residential school for youngsters with severe learning difficulties. Ruth is a Chartered Educational and Child Psychologist and combines training of psychologists, therapists and teachers with clinical practice. She consults to the Hope Centre in London and teaches on the CPD programme for psychologists at the Institute of Education and on the Educational Psychology Doctorate at the University of East London, as well as many local authorities.

Michelle Mohammed is the co-author of the Cognitive Abilities Profile and is a chartered educational psychologist who trained in Jerusalem with Feuerstein and co-ordinated the assessment service at the Hope Centre NW London between 1999 and 2001. Michelle has been working in London Boroughs using Dynamic Assessment and has also used cognitive education programmes (Instrumental Enrichment and Bright Start) to enhance the opportunities and learning potential of urban under-achievers and carried out various action research projects to evaluate a diverse range of learning programmes in schools. She contributes to the training of EPs in local authorities and is also a speaker at the Institute of Education for the doctoral training of educational psychologists. Michelle’s background in training dates back to 1993 and she has worked with a range of organisations including the British Red Cross and a Voluntary Counselling Phone-line.

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