Cognitive Abilities Profile (CAP) two-day course in London – 22-23 June 2020

We will run a Cognitive Abilities Profile (CAP) course for delegates on the MEd Dynamic Assessment Courses and other interested dynamic assessment practitioners.

It will be tutored by Ruth Deutsch and will take place 22-23 June 2020 (venue to be confirmed).

What does the training cost?

• Those who’ve already booked Real Training’s MEd module […]

CAP Courses

We now deliver our popular bespoke courses for teams across the UK. Contact us for a quote. We currently have no plans to put on a centrally run course for individuals.

Please note that everyone attending the training course requires access to the CAP Guidance Manual, Summary Forms and Record Forms (£245 + VAT). It […]

The Cognitive Abilities Profile – a tool for solution focused consultation

The CAP (Deutsch and Mohammed, 2010) is an innovative tool for the use of Psychologists for consultation and observation of children. Through creating a shared language for the use of all those involved with a child, it aims to fill a gap between psychologists’ specialist knowledge of child development and cognitive processes, and the […]

CAP Testimonials

“Do this course!” Joanne Moran 1 day course

“Directly applicable to a consultation model of service delivery” Rebecca Sundhu 1 day

“CAP will be an essential tool!” Sonia Hilton 1 day course

“This toolkit will help you apply psychology in the classroom and facilitate more effective multi-agency working” Gail Bailey 2 day course

“Good, practical […]


Launched on 6th November 2009 this site will grow to include details of dynamic assessment training courses and resources available to UK psychologists and teachers. The site also promotes the new Cognitive Abilities Profile published by Real Press. Use this websiste to Book a placeon a CAP course.

Please contact us with details of links, […]

Announcing the Cognitive Abilities Profile by Ruth Deutsch & Michelle Mohammed

Based on the concepts and principles of Dynamic Assessment, the CAP is a new versatile tool for consultation and observations of learners, to be used primarily by Educational Psychologists (EPs) working alongside teachers.

The CAP’s comprehensive Guidance Manual, Summary Forms and Record Forms is published by Real Press and costs £245 + VAT. This can […]