CAP Testimonials

“Do this course!” – Joanne Moran (1 day course)

“Directly applicable to a consultation model of service delivery” – Rebecca Sundhu (1 day course)

“CAP will be an essential tool!” – Sonia Hilton (1 day course)

“This toolkit will help you apply psychology in the classroom and facilitate more effective multi-agency working” – Gail Bailey (2 day course)

“Good, practical relevant course!”

“You can still be robust reliable and valid WITHOUT psychometrics!”

“Come on the course!” – Liz Halson

“I wish all the teachers and professionals to know about this course because it is such a useful profile” – Mona Kazim

The CAP offers a new way of working with teachers when they ‘feel stuck’. It enables an understanding of the child’s learning – providing the scaffolding for successful teaching”– Siobhan Mellor (Educational Psychologist)