CAP Survey

Hearing from you…Listening to you…

Dear CAP participant,

It is now just coming up for a year since the CAP was published and training in the use of the CAP has been available. It is very important to us to know how you are getting on and looking back on the training, whether it met your needs.
We want to hear from you what improvements we could offer to make the use of the CAP as accessible and practical as possible and how we can support your practice. We would therefore be very appreciative if you can return this questionnaire to us.

1. I did my CAP training in

2. The course I did was

3. My background in Dynamic Assessment (DA) is

4. My use of DA is

5. The CAP training was

6. The frequency with which I use the CAP is

7. I use the website

8. I prefer support

9. I now need

10. I find the benefits of CAP use are

11. I find the disadvantages of the CAP are

12. The CAP should be made available to

13. I would like to discuss ideas about the CAP

Please use the space below to add any other ideas, feedback or suggestions.